Say It Clearly Loader

Borders are opening. Is your business ready? Is your front of house?

13th Apr 2021

I had some great feedback from the newsletter from a couple of weeks ago on Clear Diction. This is what I received ....

“Could you talk to business owners that have receptionists because as I have lately had to talk to a lot of people. The receptionist I spoke with today was awful – she came across like she couldn’t care less about her job and didn’t know what to do with the information. Maybe let them know that the gatekeeper is their business keeper not just a cheap person to answer calls.” 


“Yesterday I spoke with a receptionist from somewhere and she mumbled that much I disconnected as I could not be bothered with the company.  Last week, I was going to order some building materials from a small business – give them the business, spread the business around – no. The attitude and the way she spoke was so off putting I suggested to her that she take up elocution lessons and I bought from (elsewhere).” 

With the borders opening up to Australia and the Pacific are you ready? How will your business stand out and stack up? 

Investing in your employees isn't a 'nice to have' it's an essential. Investing in your staff means less negativity in the workplace, less stress, less sick leave and less turnover - all very costly expenses you can avoid. 

If you are not achieving the results you want in your business, even for you as a leader, what are you doing about it? Or, what are going to do about it? If the answer so far is, nothing, then I urge you to consider the real and positive benefits of professional development. You never know what's around the corner but high emotional intelligence, open and honest communication, excellent leadership skills will all be a necessity when changes happen. Be ready and take action now.


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