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Imposter syndrome.

15th Mar 2021

This is my challenge to myself, beat that beast. This is what it looks like to me - “who am I to be giving all this speech, speaking and communication advice and other stuff?” *Well. Um. Look. See. So.* At the moment I’m doing a lot of training for people in business for greater productivity and better results at the end of the day, right?* 

Having been in education for nearly 30 years, in business for 18 years (on and off). taught in NZ, the UK and at Toitu, Early Settlers Museum Dunedin. I also consult and advise in the early childhood sector as well as work in an online capacity for those at a distance to me. Children at the schools who run the online programme are lucky enough to have my daily speech lessons in their class. Small groups of teenagers have attended classes to assist with anxiety.

If you didn’t know already, I have published a book, won an award and featured in the media.

This is actually just a reminder to myself that I have done some things and I do have some knowledge, to keep that imposter syndrome at bay.

If this resonates with you too, the best tip to help with this is learning the correct method of breathing. The second best tip is to remember your accomplishments to remind yourself of how far you have come. Thirdly, reward yourself, especially small rewards, for every challenge you overcome.

What are your top ‘bes’ if imposter syndrome isn't it?  

Be heard 

Be understood  

Be respected 

Be appreciated 

Be approached 

Be confident

All of these can be attributed to how you speak and how you communicate. Enrol in Say It Clearly school (it’s free) to find the best course to achieve your ‘be’. All week we will be giving to someone you nominate, the same course that you get #get1give1. 

Since I don’t know everything (nearly though) I do have some help. I'm going to be introducing them via the marvellous channel of social media so come meet them. 


*tropes and fillers to try and cover up nerves or lack of confidence. 




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