Say It Clearly Loader

Up-skill to keep your job...up-skill to get a job!

12th May 2020

Now is the time to up-skill. Why? Because employers are looking for those self starters who use their time to become better.

Better skills at their job, better communicators better presenters, better speakers. You need to stand out from the crowded market, so what have you done to ‘better’ yourself?

This really requires an investment – an investment into yourself and an investment into your future. I remember about 25 years ago when I applied for 33 jobs, in a market where jobs were fairly scarce. I got ONE interview, but I nailed that interview and got that job. To this day, that job was one of my favourites because I was able to articulate very clearly my skills and what I could bring to their company. As it was, I had exactly what they were looking for but, I’m certain, the outcome would have been very different if I hadn’t had done these three things.

  1. Listening to exactly what they were asking in the interview.
  2. Answering with particular attention to detail around each question. As in, I didn’t let nerves get the better of me and ramble on or go off on another tangent.
  3. Enunciating my words clearly, speaking at a good pace and modulating my voice to keep their attention.

How do you feel about going into an interview situation? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had it. Are you up to play with the situational interview? They can be really challenging.  If you have time on your hands spend it up-skilling yourself. How to calm nerves, how to stick to the subject, how to speak clearly and with authority so people will actually listen to you. These are all skills you may need to learn, and, guess what? I can help. Choose a training option that suits you

  1. Teaching yourself following an e-book $19NZD (one off payment).
  2. Learning by following videoed instructions with techniques and exercises, along with written instructions $49NZD one off payment for a 10 week programme.
  3. Learning by the above ways PLUS watching and participating in a weekly live group training session. $49NZD one off payment or $9.95 monthly option for a 12 month membership.

Let me know what appeals to you and I will get you started with a video call. It’s easy and it’s reasonably priced for you to make you better. Stay Safe!



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