'Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.' – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our voice is a powerful means of creating our best impression. Speaking clearly and effectively is a lifelong skill that plays an important role in our successes, our confidence, and how we are perceived by others.

The importance for children to learn how to speak clearly and correctly affects not just how they communicate orally but also when they are learning to read, write and especially spell. 

Through the online articulation programme children will learn correct enunciation and other essential speech skills through fun exercises that appeal to all types of learners. Teachers will learn how speech forms the foundation for other skills and educational techniques for speech instruction.

Say It Clearly training programmes are designed by speech expert Miriam McKenzie (Erikson). Say It Clearly Ltd offers customised speech training to children, teachers and business professionals.

For business professionals, speaking well is crucial to success in all areas of life, and the Say It Clearly programmes are for anyone who values the ability to communicate effectively - business professionalsspeakers for whom English is a second language (ESOL), as well as education professionals.

Through Miriam’s training you’ll learn to articulate with clarity, to relax and “be yourself” in stressful situations, to speak with confidence and eloquence, and to leave a lasting, positive impression. The techniques and exercises covered will help you land that job, make that sale, command attention and get your message across. Contact Miriam today for a free consultation.

“I found Miriam’s training to be very thorough and a good mix of exercises and theory. I would strongly recommend her training to other organisations.”

Rob Phillips
Chief Executive, Environment Southland

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