Say It Clearly training programmes are designed by speech expert Miriam McKenzie (Erikson). Say It Clearly Ltd offers customised speech training to children, teachers, business professionals and speakers of other languages (ESOL).

Through any of Miriam's training programmes you'll learn to articulate with clarity, to relax and "be yourself" in stressful situations, to speak with confidence and eloquence, and to leave a lasting, positive impression. 

The techniques will help you land that job, make that sale, command attention and win in whatever it is you wish to win at. 

Investing in yourself now will save you stress, time and money in the future. Save that time you will gain to spend more on the aspects of your life you love.


What is your biggest issue you're facing today? Are you feeling stuck because you can't say what you want to say? Do you worry about how you sound? How many meetings do you sit in not saying anything because you're too nervous? Do you blush when you speak?

Is your job on the line? Are you looking for a job? How about promotion? Do you cope well with asking for a pay rise?

How would it feel to be confident enough to speak your mind without causing anger or silence? To be eloquent and authentic? To sound credible, authoriative and confident? 

All perfectly natural....and so, so limiting! Jump in and find out how to overcome your fears, to speak without fear, to find your voice (and words to go along with your voice), speak clearly and confidently to stand up for yourself, win that job, get the pay rise, nail the sale! 

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Our voice is a powerful means of communication. How we articulate sounds, our pitch, tone, pace, use of pause, emphasis and inflection all communicate many cues as to who we are, where we come from and even what our intentions are. We can project our power, or perhaps lack of it, through our voice and those who listen to us can make judgements about many aspects of our life and whether they are ‘buying in’ to what we are saying.

Communicating effectively is a life- long skill. We build our confidence when we correctly enounce sounds, pronounce words and to speak with an effective voice that is heard clearly, is interesting to listen to and above all wins us what we are seeking.

This FREE Ebook will give you an introduction to techniques and exercises to improve your speaking voice and help you achieve your goals.


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