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Clear Speech for Children is Critical

11th Feb 2015

My e-learning programme for children is a fun and easy way to learn how to speak correctly. The links to correct oral language and spelling and reading is clear. So not only will your child learn how to articulate properly but it will also help their spelling and reading. This does amazing things for their confidence!

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Free Tips for Clear Diction

16th Dec 2014

What is clear diction and why is it important?

It is the ability to speak clearly so people listening can hear and understand you easily. An excellent skill for anyone, no matter what age, sex, race or language you are speaking. The same rules apply to everyone.

These tips will help make sure your speech is clear and easy to understand for those listening.

The four steps are:

  • Practise exercies to relax your tongue
  • Make sure you know the correct position your tongue should be in
  • Relax your jaw to allow your mouth to open
  • Open your mouth wide enough to let the words come out

If your facial muscles aren’t relaxed or fit enough you need exercises to help with this.
If you don’t know the correct position your tongue should be in, you need to learn the techniques to help.

All of my training programmes have a comprehensive guide to show you how to do it. This can easily be achieved on line. Set up a time now to find out how:

Merry Christmas!

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Speaking English Clearly

13th May 2014

“I have had a better reception when speaking English as I have trained to articulate each word in the whole sentence. The warm up exercises are also very important to say English clearly. I’m very appreciative for Miriam’s patience, coaching and professionalism” Tony (Shanghai) March 2014

Once you decide which training option best suits your learning style you can start training immediately. If learning at your own pace, at a time and place that you are most comfortable with then the e-learning programme is for you. You decide where and when you will learn the techniques and practise the exercises so you can speak English with more clarity and confidence. This will enhance your business prospects, job options and your personal life.

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