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5th May 2021

What’s tone got to do with effective workplaces and successful sales? I used to run a whole workshop on this very topic but now I implement it in all my training, whether it’s face to face or in the videoed training because for so many aspects of our life, it’s really important. Not only to understand what tone is, the purpose of our tone of voice but also how to use the correct tone effectively. Sarcasm, irony, contempt, excitement, shyness, boredom, irritated, tired…the list is really long as to what we carry in our tone of voice. Jordan Belfort, Wolf of Wall St, said we need 10 tonalities for successful sales – not just knowing the 10 tones but when to employ them. The first tone is the ‘I care’ tone. Jacinda Ardern has this tone down in spades. So did Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for that matter. Another tone is ‘this is so exciting’ tone! This is the tone you use when you’ve got an amazing deal that simply can’t be missed! Remembering Jordan Belfort went to jail for scamming people out of their money selling stocks in companies that didn’t exist. When he came out of jail he was determined to use his ‘straight line selling’ method for good. He’s written books, spoke at events and teaching people this method for people to make honest sales.


In general work places when there’s a bit of stress around we can easily let contempt climb into our voice, facial expression and body language. Contempt is one of the worst communication blocks because it implies a complete lack of respect for the person being spoken to. Sighing, eye rolling, tsking sounds, lip sneer are all contemptuous signs and have no place in an effective workplace.

If you are wanting some advice or more resources around tone of voice send me a message or book a time to call.

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Borders are opening. Is your business ready? Is your front of house?

13th Apr 2021

I had some great feedback from the newsletter from a couple of weeks ago on Clear Diction. This is what I received ....

“Could you talk to business owners that have receptionists because as I have lately had to talk to a lot of people. The receptionist I spoke with today was awful – she came across like she couldn’t care less about her job and didn’t know what to do with the information. Maybe let them know that the gatekeeper is their business keeper not just a cheap person to answer calls.” 


“Yesterday I spoke with a receptionist from somewhere and she mumbled that much I disconnected as I could not be bothered with the company.  Last week, I was going to order some building materials from a small business – give them the business, spread the business around – no. The attitude and the way she spoke was so off putting I suggested to her that she take up elocution lessons and I bought from (elsewhere).” 

With the borders opening up to Australia and the Pacific are you ready? How will your business stand out and stack up? 

Investing in your employees isn't a 'nice to have' it's an essential. Investing in your staff means less negativity in the workplace, less stress, less sick leave and less turnover - all very costly expenses you can avoid. 

If you are not achieving the results you want in your business, even for you as a leader, what are you doing about it? Or, what are going to do about it? If the answer so far is, nothing, then I urge you to consider the real and positive benefits of professional development. You never know what's around the corner but high emotional intelligence, open and honest communication, excellent leadership skills will all be a necessity when changes happen. Be ready and take action now.

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Clear Diction. What is it and why do I need it?

29th Mar 2021

Clear diction isn’t just speaking clearly, it is articulating the sounds in each word clearly. It is the difference between ‘Kinda’ and the actual true and correct ‘Kind of’. Dunno – Don’t know. Gunna – going to. Wanna – want to. It’s the difference between unprofessional and professional speech. It is important if you want to sound like you know what you are talking about, even if you don’t. It adds credibility and authority to your communications especially if you’re not 100% confident. In speech terms it’s called ‘lazy’, you can’t be bothered opening your mouth wide enough to get the end of words and explosive consonants (T, D) out clearly because it does take just that little bit more of an effort.


It could be the difference between being the stand out in an interview, or when you are asking for a pay rise, if a promotion is up. While I may sound old and ‘not with it’ consider who it is offering you the job or who will authorise the pay rise or give the promotion. Consider your competition; what have they got to offer that you don’t? If you feel you are on-par with them then what are you going to have to stand out from the others?


Being able to articulate yourself professionally and rationally (especially during highly stressful times) is one of the top emotional intelligence competencies.  In the past, a lot of the emphasis when evaluating potential performance has been on intellectual capacity, now research has indicated that EI is what differentiates the outstanding performers from the rest.  Is that you? Do you feel at the top of your game in terms of speech and communication? If you feel you could do with some tidying up of your diction, and speech in general there are a few simple exercises you can do to help with clear diction. There are free resources on the home page of Say It Clearly Courses website You could also book a time to talk and receive a free analysis of what you should focus on to improve.

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