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Top Tips for seeking employment

30th Apr 2020

Are you looking for a job? Has Covid meant that you have lost your job? Here are the top 6 tips to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

1. Make sure your cv is personalised and is 100% error free. Use a template but don't be generic. Link in media content; videos, articles, awards, publications. Your cv will go into the 'no' pile immediately with any errors. 

2. Every covering letter MUST be job specific. That means, respond to the job description and company who is hiring. Write how you meet all their criteria and why you will be able to fulfil all their requirements. Ask for an opportunity to discuss further in an interview situation. Once again, straight into the bin with you if you just churn out the same letter for every application. Employers can spot that a mile away.

3. Show up for the interview on time or a little bit early. Be clean and neat. Also, be dressed appropriately for the role. Dirty and sloppy will not win you the job.

4. Stand up straight, firm hand shake, smile and look the interviewers in the eye. Look alive!

5. Speak clearly and correctly! Leave out all slang, swear words, incorrect grammar; such as youse, and incorrect articulation. Businesses do not want their staff to sound like a moron.

6. Open up your mouth a bit wider than usual so you are heard and understood. No one will hire a mumbler. 


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7th Apr 2020

Clear speech over devices is key to keep up connectivity. Our posture changes dramatically when we converse over devices so be on the look out that your ears remain above your shoulders. Not in front! Slow your speech down by opening up your mouth ever so slightly wider. The words will come out clearer. Try to keep your face directed to the camera so people can watch your eyes and mouth as you speak - it helps. We are all learning this new new so keep in touch! It's very important. Stay safe!

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Using the lock down time purposefully

31st Mar 2020

First of all, this is the perfect time to practice. Practice relaxation, correcting your posture, how to breathe effectively, developing the tone of your voice, practicing how to modulate your voice and finally, how to project it. All of these aspects of voice development are important either as a stand alone aspect in in conjunction with others. The free ebook gives you the strategies and exercises for 5 -10 minute daily exercises. Contact me if you have any questions or like on Facebook to receive daily tips and techniques. Stay safe! 

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