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“Oral language underpins all learning and all social interaction.”

- Page 7, ‘Learning Through Talk’ Ministy of Education, Learning Media, Wellington, New Zealand, 2009

How we speak is how we present ourselves to the world. Our whole life can rely on how we communicate. As children, it also lays the foundations of how we learn to read and write, yet its importance is generally overlooked and rarely taught. Investing in your child’s learning now will pay dividends in the future. Many of Miriam’s past students are now lawyers, teachers, doctors, business owners, sales people, and world travelers.




Online Learning Programme for Schools

Say It Clearly training programmes help children to clearly articulate words, provide a good foundation for reading and spelling, and build confidence in children.

This programme runs for 40 weeks, over the school term. It is easy to follow. It has had proven success, sometimes in a very short amount of time. It is all digital so the children love to practice on their IPad, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Benefits for children:

  • Speaking correctly is a skill for life. Every day and all day the need to speak clearly, correctly and confidently is essential in all aspects of our lives.
  • Articulating sounds correctly helps children to learn to read, write and spell.
  • Voice development includes correcting your posture and learning to breathe properly which are two backbones of speaking well. The programme covers the seven aspects of voice development so as they grow the children are developing their ‘best’ voice.
  • As they grow, children will be confident in their ability to speak well so their confidence will grow also and they won’t fear public speaking. Best possible result for your children.

How it Works:

A secure web page is set up for each classroom on the Say It Clearly website. Every week the teacher will be emailed a secure link to the web page. Once the link is clicked on, it will take you to the video for the children to watch, listen and repeat (like a listening post). All children in the class have access and children can go back to past weeks to repeat. Teachers are provided with each week planned with links to the curriculum. Class assessment for each week’s sound so the teacher can plan for remedial teaching if required.


This will give you time to gauge the best use in your school. You will see how the children interact with the video clips on a daily basis.

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The school purchases the rights to own the programme in its entirety. Say It Clearly own the intellectual property of the programme. Every child in the school has access to the programme and the school may also put it in their classroom blog so it can be accessed at home as well. The benefits of every child having access and being taught how to speak correctly have far-reaching positive consequences for our children, families, schools, and society.


Purchase the Say It Clearly ebook "Chat with me"  NZD$19.



Workshops for Education Professionals

Miriam offers workshops to train those interested in teaching children within a home or educational setting. These workshops can be provided on-site or at Say It Clearly training rooms, 64 Arena Avenue, Invercargill, New Zealand.

Say It Clearly

Building on Miriam’s book Say It Clearly, the workshop covers how enouncing sounds and pronouncing words correctly is important in developing a life-long ability for correct speech and can also improve a child’s ability to read, write and spell. The school receives a copy of the Say It Clearly books in this workshop.

Effective Work Place Communication - What’s tone got to do with it?

Essential for you and your colleagues to learn strategies and understand how we speak affects what others hear and undertands.

Speaking for Success

Learning how to use your voice for the most effective person you can be. Your voice is a powerful tool you can train to use to your advantage. This is most valuable for running meetings and interviews, especially with challenging personalities.

Public Speaking, and it’s all public speaking

Whether you spend a lot of time presenting, speaking to large or small groups, even 1:1, learn how to allay all your fears. If I could ask two questions and make one statement that means your fear of public speaking disappears, would you believe me?

Each workshop is approximately four hours and includes interactive exercises and activities. Price is dependent on the number of attendees and if the workshop is on site.

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10 Week Personalised Online Course for Individual Children

Say It Clearly’s online learning programme focuses on articulation; combining sounds into words, phrases, and sentences. The interactive activities help children correctly articulate sounds, improve how they speak and provide a fantastic building block to learn to read, write and spell with accuracy.

How it works:

  • Assessment – meet or skype followed by a report and recommendations. Or we can just jump right in with the top ten challenges children generally face when speaking.
  • Each week a video of the exercises to suppport your child's learning will be emailed to you.
  • The child practices the exercises as frequently as they can - daily is best.
  • If required, a mid-programme meeting and Skype session to view the child’s progress and to make any necessary changes to the programme.
  • Report – another meeting/Skype to assess skills learned which is reported to the family if this is what you would like.

Benefits of this course:

  • It can be done at home, in your own time and place.
  • It’s completed on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone so the children can perceive it as ‘fun computer time’.
  • It is extremely effective. This is using technology for the very best use!
  • This works well for children who find it hard to concentrate when listening to instructions
  • It works very well for children who are visual learners
  • It is personalized to suit your child’s needs so they succeed relatively quickly
  • Includes an initial meeting or Skype session so how they are speaking is assessed and the programme is built around their particular needs.

The programme includes a final report with further recommendations to continue at home.

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10 Week General Online Course for Individual Children

As speech impacts children from a young age, you as a parent, need to be aware of how much your child will benefit from clear speech. This course will give them a real 'step up' for life. To secure your child's future prospects and  self esteem, this 10 week course will help ensure their future wellbeing.

Benefits of this course:

  • Children will learn how to open their mouth’s wider when they speak so the sounds and words come out clearer (they stop mumbling).
  • They learn to speak slower so they can be easier to understand.
  • The children learn how to stand correct and breathe properly so they can speak with more ease and reduce nerves.
  • Correct tongue placement is imperative to clear speech and they will learn how to place your tongue for clear speech. It’s interesting that incorrect tongue placement is the most common element of poor speech.
  • Learning to say TH correctly will mean it will be easier for them to learn to spell it
  • The C, CK, G sound can be challenging so they will learn how to say this sound correctly
  • SH can be problematic as well, it can easily be confused with S which makes spelling tricky

The value for this course is exceptional and will leave your child well equipped for success in the future.

Cost per child: $19

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