English for Speakers of Other Languages

Do you want to speak English clearly and with confidence?

Say It Clearly offers a unique approach to professional development and training:

  • You will achieve success in many areas of your life - a new job, career, more sales - even your personal life.
  • Once you have received this training and own personal manual you have it for life.
  • You will be able to deliver in any speaking situation with a more relaxed approach.
  • It's fast, fun and effective.
  • The ability to speak effectively is priceless and a life time skill once learned and practised regularly.

Why train with Say It Clearly?

The value for professionals who speak English as another language and businesses that employ people who speak English as another language, to complete the training in; speaking English clearly, delivering presentations with ease, ensuring communication within the workplace is reflected in productivity, sales and the bottom line. Open and effective, the training can be entirely individualised to the values and mission of the business or individual.




exclusive individual training:


Are you a high achiever? Someone who wants to excel in life? Wants to achieve their goals, ambitions and dreams in their life? This training is the mastery programme for such individuals. It is exclusive, high end, excellence to help you climb to the top of your ladder, within your career and your life.


You will learn through one hour, one-to-one sessions monthly in a setting of your choice or via Skype/Zoom/ for one year.  This training schedule  can be adjusted to suit your schedule. This time period will allow you to scaffold and consolidate the skills learned. Which is crucial for high-end training.


Included in each month are weekly videos to reinforce your English training. This training is complex and is specialised so to reinforce the learning, multi faceted learning is essential. You have the choice join the weekly group sessions and any webinars on particular topics - at no extra cost.


Over 12 months you will learn, indepth, all the skills required for high achieving people to speak and publically present to the best of their ability.



Not only this but you will receive all new content free throughout the year including the ebook.


You will learn

  • How to deliver speeches and presentations with ease and excellence
  • Techniques of speaking English with clarity as well
  • Developing your voice for credibility and authority - so you sound like the boss
  • Exercises for voice development that mean people will listen to you
  • Focus on the ability to speak clearly
  • How to control your nerves and think on the spot
  • Projecting your voice for successful presentations, and speaking to large crowds
  • Grammar and spelling in English
  • Colloquialisms and phrasal verbs
  • Business conversation using correct terms and pronunciation
  • New Zealand work place etiquette


learning content

  • A personal workbook containing an action plan that allows you to set goals
  • The strategies required to achieve your goals
  • Techniques and exercises that will help to establish specific skills
  • A private web page is created so you can watch the training videos and practice between sessions. This will remain open for one year after the training is finished.


value for investment

  • Higher rate of success for International English Language Tests for immigration purposes
  • Greater chance at getting a job within your profession
  • Clear and correct speech for any speaking situation
  • Confidence your speech is of the level required for professional communication
  • Fast, effective and fun learning


INVESTMENT FOR  membership                               $1295 NZD inc gst

Email Miriam to make a time to talk. You won't regret it.





Next Level Coaching

Are you looking to move your life to the next level? 

Perhaps you have you failed the English test you need to pass to get residency in a country you wish to move to for a better life for you and your family? These classes are you for you.

This is what I can do for you - on sign up, you will receive the ebook as well as 50 videos that break down your speech and gives you the techniques and strategies for clear English. This means you will PASS the English test next time you sit it (Oh! you must practise though). 

You must be willing to work hard, but if  you are wanting a better life for you and your family, I know you will be a hard worker. 

What else do you need to turn your life around to something better? Just ask me. 

There's the weekly webinars so it doesn't matter where you live in the world, your training will be delivered to your inbox. 

But how do you know if it's going to work? Ask me! In our strategy call we discuss what  you want to achieve and how you can achieve it.

Imagine all the good things that you are wanting in your life that you can achive with this knowledge and skills. 

Let's talk about how you will succeed, talk about how this will change your life, talk about all the good things you want in life but can't get yet because your English isn't good enough. Stop settling for 'not good enough' get in touch and let's talk strategy.

This training is for life. The investment for a lifetime of access to this training including the ebook, the videos, weekly webinars of training and q&a - $497 NZD

You will learn:

  • how to say the 44 sounds in the English language clearly - it will help neutralise your accent
  • how to develop your voice so people listen to you
  • how to get speak in public with confidence and authority
  • never to be nervouse before speaking to anyone, every again!
  • how to ask, and get, what you want (a pay rise, a date, a sale)
  • how to present to the best of your ability
  • most importantly, how to speak English clearly, confidently and eloquently.

Get started - click here to get your programme started immediatly. 

You will receive access to the training, ebook and FIRST strategy session. GET STARTED now.

Sample video


Teach yourself how to speak clearly by purchasing the ebook Say It Clearly. A comprehensive guide to the seven aspects of voice development and articulation. The format is very clearly laid out with full explanations of the techniques for clear and confident speech with plenty of exercises to keep you going.

Purchase the Say It Clearly ebook for NZD$19.


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